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Crowns, Bridges & Veneers

When teeth are heavily decayed they may be too weak to survive with just a filling. By placing a crown, a tooth may be given a new lease of life.

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped restoration, also referred to as a "cap", which is placed over a tooth to restore its shape, size and strength. Crowns can also be used to improve the appearance of one's teeth.

A crown may be needed for many reasons including; protecting a weak tooth from breaking, holding together parts of a cracked tooth, restoring an already broken tooth or a tooth that is severely worn down, covering and supporting a tooth with a large filling and a small amount of remaining tooth structure, and covering misshaped or severely discolored teeth.

Even when a single tooth is lost a denture may not be required as a bridge can be made which spans the gap with a tooth attached to those next to the space.

A dental bridge is an excellent way to replace one or more missing teeth and restore stability to your mouth. Like all bridges, a dental bridge needs abutments to hold it in place and to provide support. A dental bridge is attached to the teeth next to the space, and those teeth act as supportive abutments for your replacement tooth. We prepare your teeth and, from impressions your bridge is carefully crafted to fit your teeth precisely.

A veneer is a thin shield of porcelain used as a covering that is placed over the front surface of the tooth. Veneers are usually applied to the part of the tooth you can see when talking or smiling. Veneers require less tooth material removal then crowns.